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Property Managers

Under the new Residential Tenancies legislation introduced in 2021, air conditioner breakdowns have now been classed as urgent repairs in Victoria. Although it is not mandatory to have an air conditioner at a property, if you do have one installed in the property, and it is not working, you have 24 hours to action any required repairs.

With this new legislation, we recommend pro-active rather than re-active servicing as it can be difficult getting a contractor out to a property with only 24 hours’ notice. Schedule regular checks and services in advance, before problems present themselves.

Air conditioning has become almost a must have utility for renters and although it is another item for you to maintain, you will find that your property will be more attractive to potential renters and will result in a shorter vacancy time for your property.

Our services benefit tenants, real estate agents and owners alike. All you need to do is send through a work order with all the necessary information and sit back stress free with the comfort of knowing your tenants and landlords are being looked after and that you will be updated as soon as there is any new information. 

For advice on servicing or installing new air conditioners at the property you are managing contact us on 0382881784 for advice or email us your work order to contactus@heatncooltech.com.au. 

We can come out and give you a free quote to install a new system. Our quotations will carry a mock image of the proposed unit location which will be handy to get body corporate and landlord approvals.

Heating And Cooling Melbourne


We cater to many real estate agencies in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. We directly contact the tenants and keep the property manager updated on the progress of the job so there are no surprises or nasty calls. 


Call us today for a hassle-free service for Property manager landlord and tenants. 

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